An editable Notion template or Google Docs (your choice) that walks you through all the steps to improve and streamline your inquiry process and book more clients.

Download the Easy Booking Checklist


Free resources made just for you.

A 6-page PDF that includes when to use a contract, where to find a good one, and 10 must have clauses for commercial photographers.

download the Contract Checklist

Contract Checklist

A 5-page checklist that walks you through the entire photoshoot workflow from pre-production to delivery of the images.

download the photoshoot Checklist

Photoshoot checklist

A quick guide to help you reset your mindset about pitching to clients.

download the PITCHING GUIDE


Here are five simple and effective marketing strategies you can use to consistently score the clients of your dreams.

download the marketing tips pdf

Marketing Tips

Whether you are preparing for a shoot on location or in studio, having the right styling tool or crucial piece of equipment is a must. Use this checklist to prepare for a shoot or to put together your essential kit.

download the Equipment Checklist

Equipment Checklist

A set of board templates made in Canva you can use to communicate your vision to your clients for your next photoshoot.

download the Mood Board Template

Mood Board Template

Five daily emails to streamline your business. Learn why you should automate, how to use Trello, the power of templates, what is a CRM, and all my other favorite tools and tips to automate the little things.

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Automation Email Course

Money conversations can be a tricky topic for photographers, but it doesn't have to be like that. This 12-page PDF contains the emails I use to make sure my work gets properly compensated from my clients.

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